Symposium: comments on my pecha-kucha presentation

Below are comments from my classmates about my pecha-kucha presentation for the symposium, and any answers I may have to them.

Jonathan Kearney (jkearney)


Melanie next

her stuff is on her blog and we will read it our from here


Maya Chami (mayachami)



Jonathan Kearney (jkearney)


so Ed read that I hope you could hear


Maya Chami (mayachami)


not much, just read from the blog

Jonathan Kearney (jkearney)


very clear from Melanie

we will move on now

I did not get much comments because, as an experiment, the symposium was held via an audiolink instead of our usual typed IM chat. I could not participate in the audio chat from my workplace and therefore missed any comments the face to face students said. A lecturer read out my blog presentation to them, but, as the comments from the other onliners show, the sound link was not very clear to the other onliners even if they could participate in the audio chat.

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