Artist’s Statement + CV

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My main interests are subjectivity and inner conflict, alienation and delusions. I investigate through photography and video how an individual’s mental state influences their perception of their experiences and surroundings, and the representation of space as psychologically and historically charged. My photographs are unstaged and taken with long exposure in natural light. My videos are precisely composed and edited in order to achieve a coherent cinematic mood that traps the viewer inside a particular subjective experience.

I have exhibited in the UK, Brazil, Spain and Australia since 2006 and will graduate in September 2011 with a MA Digital Arts at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London.

Two main ongoing photography and video projects I am working on:

The ghost house series was shot at several abandoned houses in Ireland, whose last occupants probably left 10 to 30 years ago. Traces of their lives and aspirations, and of the disillusions and hardships that made them leave their homeland, remained in the form of scattered personal belongings.

In “Discipline and Punish”, Michel Foucault defines “Disciplinary Institutions” as places where people are made useful and obedient through the repression of any deviation from the norm. In this series, I explore places used to make undesirable and/or helpless people disappear discretely such as Magdalene convents (used to imprison women), mental asylums and workhouses. Rather than purely documenting the buildings, I am interested in showing how the long gone inmates keep imprinting these places long after they are dead, and the malevolent aura still cast by those buildings in collective memory.

Selected exhibitions and screenings

Optica festival, Madrid, Spain.
Open Photography 2, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol.

Electrofringe festival, Festival of electronic arts and culture, Newcastle, Australia.
Long Exposure and Ghost Houses, joint exhibition at Norwich Arts Centre.
Women Art Show, Fairfields Art Centre, Basingstoke., The Photographer’s gallery online slideshow “An idea of home”.

FILE Electronic Arts festival, Sao Paulo, Brasil (Hypersonica)
Facing the Future Open Photography – Elysium Gallery, Swansea.
The Women’s Art Show, Fairfields Arts Centre, Basingstoke, UK.

Art in Woodstock festival, The Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock.
Through the lens – Royal West of England Academy Open Photography Exhibition. Royal West of England Academy, Bristol.
Inside Out – Women’s Work exhibition. The Link Gallery, University of Winchester.


Graduation approaching, I am looking for a job, and here are the things I can do for you:

Specialist skills

Image editing: Photoshop, Gimp
Sound editing: Cool Edit Pro, Audacity, Goldwave, Adobe Audition
Video editing: Cyberlink power director, Serif MoviePlus X3.
Programming languages: DSP assembler, C, C++, Matlab
Web design: basic HTML and CSS (hand coding, Dreamweaver), notions of PHP and MySQL.


French: Native speaker.
English: Fluent (TOEIC: 970, Academic IELTS: 8.5)
German: good skills, both written and oral.


2 Responses to “Artist’s Statement + CV”

  1. Hello binomette 😉

    Je suis tombé sur ton blog suite à l’enquête de Yann sur le devenir de la promo. C’est sympa de voir que tu arrives à sortir du carcan de l’ingénieuse pour faire des choses plus créatives.

    J’espère que tu arriveras à garder cette liberté, acquise au prix de nombreux efforts à ce qu’il semble, le plus longtemps possible, jusqu’à la faire fleurir entièrement.


    • melaniemenardarts Says:

      Hey David!

      Elle marche toujours ton adresse ENSEA? je te donne mon adresse si tu veux m’ecrire (j’effacerai probablement ce commentaire apres pour ne pas que mon mail traine) melanie.menard667 chez

      ah Ah, oui ingenieuse au bout de 2 ans j’en pouvais plus. Mais je le fait toujours pour payer le loyer. j’aurai mon MA en septembre, on verra bien si ca porte ses fruits niveau boulot :s

      Ca me fait plaisir d’avoir de tes nouvelles! je suis contente de renouer contact avec des gens ‘pas ingenieurs typiques’ 😉 de l’ENSEA. J’ai retrouve clement quinson sur facebook, on a networke un peu, il fait des trucs d’aide technique aux artistes et participe a un hackerspace. Par contre il s’est coupe les cheveux, mais il me certifie que ce n’est pas sur l’autel du conformisme mais sur celui de la paresse (flemme de les demeler 😉 ce qui est beaucoup plus respectable!

      Et toi? que deviens tu? repond par mail si tu veux causer plutot que de raconter notre vie sur mon blog ‘academic’ lol !


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